Oriental Cuisine


Humus with pita bread
Humus is a smooth thick mixture of mashed chickpeas, tahini and garlic, served with pita bread.

Stuffed Cabbage Leaves
Cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and minced meat.

Stuffed Vine Leaves
Vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs.

Arabic Saganaki
Slices of pita bread, chicken, mix cheese, tomato, green pepper, spices, topped with grated cheese and baked in the oven.

Cheese Qroquettes
Crispy and creamy, deep fried balls of mix cheese which are coated with egg and bread crumbs.

Stuffed Red Peppers
Red peppers stuffed with mix cheese , spices and hot sauce.

Halloumi Fried or Grilled
Lebanese semi-hard cheese.

Main Dishes

Arabic Falafel
Deep fried ball made from minced chickpeas, vegetables and spices wrapped in arabic pita , served with vegetables and garlic sauce.

Swawarma Chicken
Marinated chunks of grilled chicken served with saffron rice, fried spicy potatoes, pita bread, vegetables and tahini sauce.

Lamp Kofta
Grilled lamp kebab served with saffron rice, fried spicy potatoes, pita bread, vegetables and harissa yogurt sauce.

Iskeder Kebab
Thinly cut beef slices on pita bread topped with hot tomato sauce served with yogurt, french fries and rice.

A round big piece of pita bread topped with spicy minced meat and vegetables.

Giaourtou Chicken
Chunks of grilled chicken on pita bread topped with yogurt and spicy tomato sauce, served with fried spicy potatoes and vegetables.

Meatballs cooked with fresh tomatoes, onion, garlic and cumin, served with rice and french fries.

Middle East Chicken Kebab
Skewers of tender grilled chicken, red peppers and onions which are marinated in spicy yogurt sauce, served with saffron rice and salad.

Oriental Mix Grill
A mix of falafel, lamb kofta, iskeder kebab, grilled soutzoukakia and middle east kebab, served with fried spicy potatoes, saffron rice and salad.